Binary Computation Tips & Tricks?

Answer Early computers used decimal numbers and it soon became obvious that binary -- base two numbers -- offered many advantages. Strings of binary numbers are easy to store and manipulate, because elect... Read More »

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Math Computation Tricks?

Math can be a challenging subject for even the brightest students. Too often, learning is either complicated by confusing theorems and definitions or made boring by dry text books. There is another... Read More »

What overall form is the bach polonaise in G minor supposed to be in Binary, rounded binary or ternary?

Do you mean this one?…I would say binary.Or do you mean this one?…In this one, we are in grey area.The last half ... Read More »

M.A.C. Makeup Tips & Tricks?

Sales of the M.A.C. line of cosmetics contribute to a $230 billion global makeup industry. M.A.C. is known for offering a wide range of styles and colors of cosmetics as well as for its makeup tuto... Read More »

Car Driving Tips & Tricks?

Driving and getting a driver's license is an anticipated and exciting privilege for many teenagers. However, learning to drive, and to drive safely, takes time, practice and diligence. Helpful tips... Read More »