Bills That Are Reported to Credit Bureaus?

Answer Almost all monthly billing accounts will show up on your credit report. This includes monthly payments for utilities, credit cards and personal loans. There are also several other types of bills, s... Read More »

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Upon cancellation delinquent travel charge cards may be reported to credit bureaus or similar entities and can affect your credit rating?

When do overdue credit cards get reported to credit bureaus?

The reporting dates of late payments to the credit bureaus vary based on each lending institution's own policy. Some companies report late payments at 30 days after a cardholder misses a payment, w... Read More »

Are tax levies reported to credit bureaus?

A federal tax levy is reported by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the credit bureaus. This information will adversely affect your credit score. Once the levy has been filed, the IRS cannot is... Read More »

How is personal information reported to the credit bureaus?

When you pull your credit report, you may notice a section of the report specifically for personal information. The credit bureaus use your personal information to identify your creditors and accou... Read More »