Bill Kaulitz, So cute! Weirdly cute Or just plain weird?

Answer So cute! and Hot and SEXY!!!!!!!! I LOVE BILL!!! he's not just cute but he's so sexy!

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How to Do a Cute Plain Scene Make Up?

Do you know how many schools and parents don't let you have that big look in scene make up? Here is a way to have a plain simple make up while still rocking the scene style.

Tokio Hotel Family: Kaulitz Palms Und Mehr Bill-Bill?

Hallo. Cousin who loves Jared Leto here. tehe XD (I'm actually at your house right now and I don't remember requesting that question, but you know, it's nice to here the opinion.) Um, their drawing... Read More »

There is a boy and he was really cute but he just got a hair cut and now he isnt as cute what do i do?

How to Become a True Bill Kaulitz Fan?

Now, any Tokio hotel fan should know about Bill Kaulitz, and how he hates people dressing and looking like him. So to be a true Bill fan, you have to KNOW things about him, but not make yourself lo... Read More »