Bilateral Hand Activities for Children?

Answer Eating, tying your shoes and writing your name are all activities that require bilateral hand coordination. Bilateral hand coordination is the ability to use both hands at the same time. Children w... Read More »

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Activities for the Hand & Eye?

Simple tasks such as tying shoe lacing, picking up a coffee mug or catching a ball need the eyes and hands working together. The eyes guide and direct your attention while the hands carry out the a... Read More »

How to Teach Hand Washing to School Aged Children?

Proper hygiene can help prevent the spread of illnesses in the classroom, including the common cold. Taking some time in the first days of the school year to teach children proper hand washing prac... Read More »

Hand-Washing Activities for Teachers?

Hand washing is a vital part of keeping healthy. During a health and wellness unit, consider engaging your students in activities that will help them learn when to wash their hands and how to prope... Read More »

Hand Lens Activities or Lessons?

Hand lenses offer young students the opportunity to explore the natural world in an inexpensive way. Usually made from plastic, hand lenses are the perfect tool for young students in the primary gr... Read More »