Big tv has a USB port, can any one tell y?

Answer Generally the USB port is provided with the digital STBs to update the software of set top box. In my opinion there could not be any other use of USB in BIG TV's STB.

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Is there a tool that can tell you if a USB port is 1.1 or 2.0?

Yes, the tool that can tell if you have a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port is your own computer. Right-click on "My Computer", click on "Properties", click the "Hardware" tab, click the "Device Manager" button ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me if I can use an 8GB jump drive in the USB port on my Palm TX?

u should be fine...look at the web page to check for support and compatible schemes.

How does an USB device tell apart a Wall socket from a computer port?

USB has 4 connections. 2 them are 5 volt power and ground. The other 2 are the data connections. When you plugged your flash drive into the charger it received power in the right places but no data... Read More »

Plz tell me how can i access net through Aztech 4 port ADSL2 W.LESS N MODEM ROUTER?

Have you configured the router on your phone line? If not, that's where you problem lies.Have you changed your broadband supplier? If so, you'll need to change the settings on your router.Is your p... Read More »