Big Leaf Tropical Plants?

Answer Tropical plants with big leaves add drama to tropical landscapes and botanical gardens, but many big-leaved plants are trees that grow well beyond the scale of northern gardeners who want a focal p... Read More »

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Tropical Leaf Plants?

With their exotic and colorful appearance, tropical flowers tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to gardening with ornamental plants. Some gardeners, however, will find that tropical leaf plan... Read More »

Tropical Green Leaf Plants?

Cultivated across the globe for their exotic features, tropical plants are popular ornamental garden and houseplants. Many tropical plants showcase spectacular foliage with broad, glossy leaves whe... Read More »

Tropical Air Plants?

Air plants grow directly on other plants and rocks without any soil, but they are not parasitic. They get all their nutrients from leaf debris and bird droppings that land in their root systems. Th... Read More »

Panama's Tropical Plants?

Panama is a botanist's wonderland. The country is home to over 10,000 species of vascular plants; of those, over a thousand are native Panamanians. As Panama is snuggled up to the equator, its nati... Read More »