Bible Stories for Kids About the New Year?

Answer Teaching a child lessons modeled through Bible stories helps them relate to and understand mature concepts. If you want to communicate a message about the meaning behind the New Year, you can choos... Read More »

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Social Stories in the Bible for Kids?

Teaching kids Bible stories is an important step to introducing them to Biblical principles and real-life applications. Many stories from both testaments can serve as examples to children on social... Read More »

Bible Stories on King Solomon for Kids?

King Solomon is an important person in the Old Testament of the Bible. Even today, King Solomon is the symbol for wisdom as well as riches. Though he was a child of King David, he was not the oldes... Read More »

How to Make Bible Stories Come to Life for Kids?

A handful of Bible stories are so oft-repeated in kids' faith lessons, whether at home or at Sunday School, that they suffer the doldrums of over-familiarity, losing the impact of valuable life les... Read More »

What was a kids tv series early 90s they were told like stories aired on a Sunday one particular one I remember was about a girl who turned into a hedgehog at midnight?