Bible-Related Science Projects?

Answer While at times it may appear that science and religion are opposing forces with nothing in common, there are numerous science projects that can bring both together. Not only can a study of the Bibl... Read More »

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Animal Related Science Projects?

Animal related science projects are a good way to introduce zoology to your children or students. Encourage pupils to interact with animal life either through their own in-depth research, or by com... Read More »

Dance-Related Science Projects?

Make your science fair project stand out by incorporating the art of dance into your project. Focus on the physiology of dance or the emotional effects of movement. No matter what dance-related sub... Read More »

Nutrition-Related Science Projects?

Students of all ages can benefit from experiments in nutrition. Food science education brings to the classroom knowledge of health that will follow students throughout their lives. Fun and interest... Read More »

Science Projects Related to Music & Drama?

Engaging students in science can be difficult if the students lack interest in the subject. One way to encourage student participation in science class is to use subjects they are interested in. Fo... Read More »