Beware some of the poster here on YA!?

Answer Thank you for that. I have been seeing those all day. I just give them a thumbs down.PS um this asker is trying to help people out, stop hating.

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Can i get some advice here?

DO NOT PUT VINEGAR ON IT. Vinegar is an acid, that will do more bad than good.If cold water on the burn hurts, although running water is better, ice in a cloth over the burn to cool it, but since i... Read More »

Need Some advice here!!!!!?

google both filereader and filewriter classes of javascript and look for examples for activex object creation look on google as well dont be lazy

Do you think some mommies on here...?

My baby is only 5 weeks old, but I am constantly forgetting to give her a bath. It just slips my mind a lot. One day, I was just so tired, I didn't change her clothes. Sometimes, I lay her in my bo... Read More »

Some insight here, please?

Bob on the UP we have procedures to follow when crossing gates are inoperative.They are listed in our special instructions.There are about 5 different scenarios for us to follow depending on the or... Read More »