Beware of 32 GB fake Kingstone pen drive,?

Answer Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind.

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Beware of wikipedia, yes or no?

Wikipedia is a very accurate source, on almost all subjects. The science, technical, and historical kinds of topics especially, are monitored by thousands of people who are experts, and they are ex... Read More »

Beware some of the poster here on YA!?

Thank you for that. I have been seeing those all day. I just give them a thumbs down.PS um this asker is trying to help people out, stop hating.


ISPs are getting more powerful and becoming gatekeepers after the abolishment of Net Neutrality.That means Road Runner or any ISP has the right to descrminate your traffic or Servers without any li... Read More »

USER Emilie B is posting virus links everywhere, beware?

I've seen many spam bots like this - the sad part is that yahoo isn't doing anything about this...There are even some posters who vote on their own stupid answers and that's the part which annoys m... Read More »