Between these two RAM cards why does one have a blue grip around it?

Answer I didn't find the link you were talking about...Some ram chips have cooling fins for a better heat transfer. There is no real difference between ram chips with and without additional cooling compon... Read More »

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Is an early sign of pregnancy sensitive nipples two weeks before your period and slightly raised blue veins around them where you have never had these symptoms before and breasts are slightly fuller?

Answer yes that is a symptom, nipples do become sorer and veins more noticable, though this could mean many things gte a test to fid out for sure, if you ar pregnant you will strart to notice the ... Read More »

What is the difference between these 2 video cards (Radeon HD 5770 & Radeon HD 7750) + Power Question?

requirement is 400W for 7750 but if you plan to make any upgrades on your other pc parts then i suggest going for 500W. Also make sure you're buying good brands

What to do when I have all these restaurants gift cards but can't use them?

In my house we have these little flies keep flying around. how do you get rid of them?

It could be fruit flies, or drain flies. If they are resting on walls during the day, and flush out of drains in the morning, that's a drain fly. Fruit flies are attracted to vinegar, try putting... Read More »