Between movies and theater which job makes more money?

Answer Simone, darling!I'm once again thrilled by your interest in the performing arts. You know perfectly well film actors tend to make more money than stage actors...That said, dear, there are many othe... Read More »

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Movies theater that adollar?

You should check out college theater. Lot of them shows movies that was released couple of month back for dollar.

Difference Between Movies & Theater Performances?

Both movies and theater plays need performers--known to both art forms as actors and actresses--to act out scenes as required by the scripts. The difference between the two mainly involves how they... Read More »

How do I choose costumes for movies and theater?

Research the Script and Time PeriodRead through all of your given text first, taking note of who the characters are and how many different scenes they are in. List any specific costume pieces that ... Read More »

What are some good movies to "test" out a home theater?

What a nice girl friend. Honestly though I would not recommend this system, there is so much better available at this price range. But if you already bought it then I hope you both enjoy it.As fo... Read More »