Better to bandage a infection or leave open?

Answer Better to bandage it, always. If you let it air out it scabs over. So its like the scab forms a protective barrier and then the wound heals. Downside: heals slower and it will scar.If you bandag... Read More »

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How long do you leave a bandage on for a cut?

Until the blood has coagulated. You could probably change it after 24 hours, and if you want to keep it covered until its healed, change it and clean the wound daily for the next week or so. Rememb... Read More »

Infection risk - does sweat inside a cloth bandage present a risk?

You aren't wasting your doctor's time. Call him or her.Were you under my care, I would recommend a dressing change.

What is done to prevent a bandage from shifting in place when applying an emergency bandage to the head?

Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head to keep it in place.

Should you open your pool before the cicadas leave?

That depends on how much you care about the cicadas