Best/Cheapest beer to get for a party?

Answer KeyStone Light!!!Taste like WATT-ERR!Stuff is drinkable and cheap. Depending on your State but its like $14-$20 for a 30-rack.

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How much beer and wine do you need for a party?

On One Hand: Use a FormulaPurchase two drinks per person for the first hour and then one drink per person for every hour after that. Purchase beverages and cups to limit the drink size. This will h... Read More »

Party tomorrow, I need to get some beer, which do you think I should get?

i buy pabst blue ribbon, its cheep and beter than bud in my opinion, only cheep beer i can stand to drink

How to Hold a Beer Tasting Party?

Beer tends to be a common addition to many a party but you can take it up a notch by getting guests to explore the different varieties of beer rather than sticking to their usual. By throwing a bee... Read More »

How do i make sure no one brings beer to my sweet 16 beach party?