Best wine to have with sushi?

Answer I prefer a light white wine to counter the more oily salmon and tuna. It might also be nice to cut the sweetness of the eel sauce. I usually don't do chardonnay as it tends to be oakey and heavy fo... Read More »

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What's the best sushi place with a conveyor belt in dallas, tx?

Come Dine With Me, Would you have ate the sushi?

No whip sweetie...the wife once thought it might be nice to include some in a picnic to Dover....after hours in the car..."it'll be fine" said she...guess who was doubled up in agony with food pois... Read More »

What wine goes best with ham?

Wine enthusiasts recommend pairing ham with German Rieslings. The fruitiness and crispness from the white Riesling goes well with ham's smokiness and fruit glaze. A bright Riesling also can be used... Read More »

With my win kit i got one of those wine store bags with a tap is this suitable to mature wine in or should i u?

Bottles all the way, you can ispect the color and such a lot easier and grass doesn't leach anything, they are reuseable and look good when you bust one out, just remember to store them in a dark p... Read More »