Best website for phonetics listening?

Answer There is a great website called which exposes children to the letters and their sounds repeatedly. My daughter learned a lot from it! I hope this is what you meant by "phonetic liste... Read More »

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What's the best French-English-French dictionary for PC, with phonetics or pronunciations?

this might not be what you looking for...but this site is a good online dictionary, French-English and English-Frenchand also has pronunciation,synonyms and ...

What's the best website with a good tutorial for building your own website?

This website can give you some ideas.…Well, basically to make a dynamic website you'll need to know at least HTML, Java Script, 1 server sided web language... Read More »

What is the best FREE website hosting to host my website? is the best I have found so far. It is an amazing host. Setup was a snap, there is no downtime that I have come across, and it is super fast server. Go ahead and give a try.... Read More »

Best Speakers for music listening?

Bose (except for the 901) are overpriced, over hyped, cheaply manufactured......etcBest Buy and Circuit City do not sell the "best speakers for music listening". They sell everything from junk to ... Read More »