Best way to tell if Microwave breaded fish fillets are cooked enough?

Answer *Nothing will 'brown' in a microwave. Unless you have a special dish. Fish is cooked when it turns white. You have to cut a piece open to find out.

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Making breaded fish fillets in the microwave. What are some easy sauces or seasoning ingredients?

The only way to keep the fish crispy is to use a microwave plate that you use to crisp up pizza and cover it with a paper towel or cover made for the microwave. I have tried to find a microwave fi... Read More »

How do I tell when snapper fillets are cooked?

Sight testLook at the outside of the fillet. If it is opaque, it likely is cooked all the way through. The fish should have a dull white or light pink color.Fork testPoke the thickest part of the f... Read More »

How to tell if battered fish is not cooked?

To me a piece of fish can't be both, stringy and flaky at the same time.As it was bought cooke fish I suspect part of it was cooked just right and the rest is overcooked.I would look elsewhere for ... Read More »

How to Sauté Fish Fillets?

Many people may find the idea of cooking fish at home a little intimidating; however, with a little practice, you can learn to make delicious fish every time. This guide will help you to learn to s... Read More »