Best way to recharge iPhone 4?

Answer yes you can :) from like Verizon or at and t im pretty sure

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How to Recharge an iPhone When the Battery Dies?

If you've used your iPhone until the battery has completely drained, the screen flashes a red battery icon with an image of an electrical plug to signify it is time to recharge it. The iPhone comes... Read More »

What is the best way to detoxify and recharge your body?

i am so sorry you are feeling depressed i have a few suggestions for you that may help. 1. drink water stay hydrated, dehydration will effect you in all kinds of negative ways including fatigue and... Read More »

What different characteristics / how should I BEST RECHARGE my Lithium Ion battery?

with these new batteries, u can charge and top up charge as u wish, u dont need to wait til they are running low and u only need to charge it til the battery is full which only takes a couple of ho... Read More »

How do you recharge a Ipod Shuffle and were would be the best place to purchase new ear phones?

plug the silly thing into a computer and purchase ear phones from Currys. Hehehe