Best way to put out the fire when your lawn tractor flames up?

Answer if you don't have a co2 extinguisher handy and the fire is small take off your skirt or shire and try to tap it out. if that is not going to work then you need to activate your garden hose. you mus... Read More »

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Who wrote"Through the Fire& Flames"?

"Through the Fire and Flames" is a song by the English metal band Dragonforce, from the group's 2006 album "Inhuman Rampage." Written by bandmates Sam Totman, ZP Theart, Herman Li and Vadim Pruzhan... Read More »

How to Draw Flames & Fire?

The bright light and flickering instability of fire can provide a natural drama to a drawing. But fire doesn't have the structure of a solid, or even the relative form of a liquid or gas; it's inta... Read More »

How to Paint True Fire Flames?

Flames by their nature appear to be made of light, and paint does not. To paint realistic flames takes patience, practice and more than a little luck. Achieving true realism when painting fire with... Read More »

How to Beat Through the Fire and Flames on Expert?

DragonForce's song is easily the hardest song on any of the Guitar Hero games. There are many strategies for beating this song.