Best way to make stick figure movies?

Answer Pivot animation is the most known for such things:…Or you could try using Flash:…Even keeping it simple with MS... Read More »

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How to Make Stick Figure Animation Movies?

With a little bit of inventiveness, stick figure animation movies can be just as engrossing and compelling as the high-priced Pixar productions like "Up!" and "Toy Story." Like any movie, the most ... Read More »

How to Make Stick Figure Movies Online for Free?

Stick-figure movies are animations that feature simple "stick men" dancing, walking, or doing anything else that you wish. By making and saving multiple poses in a row and then playing them all tog... Read More »

How to Make Stick Figure Movies and Post Them on YouTube?

Here's how to make good stick figure movies and post them on YouTube.

How to Make a Good Stick Figure War Drawing?

Are you having trouble thinking of what to draw? Try stick figure wars. They're easy to draw and will help you think of themes. Or if you're just really bored in school and you have finished all yo... Read More »