Best way to make hair less thick Layers Thinning?

Answer layers make the bottoms thinner but it makes your hair an odd shape and awqward to cut if you get it done alot with different hairdressers. thinning works better but it will only last a short perio... Read More »

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How to Make Thinning Hair Become Thick & Healthy?

Individuals may experience thinning hair as a result of age, genetics, certain medications or medical conditions. While thinning hair can be a temporary condition that resolves itself naturally, th... Read More »

Does having thick hair make having layers tangly and puffy in the morning?

Wow, you just described my hair before I got my layers. I have really thick hair like yours. I was thinking of getting layers, but I didn't know if they would make my hair even more poofy. I was to... Read More »

How Can I Make My Thinning Hair Look Thicker?

Age, illness, medications and genetics can all cause your once-glorious tresses to thin out, sometimes for a thankfully brief time and sometimes permanently. Almost everyone loses hair as they get ... Read More »

How to Make Thinning Hair Appear Fuller?

Thinning hair is something that many people suffer from as they age, and there are many products available that can make hair appear thicker or even regrow hair. There also are ways to make your ha... Read More »