Best way to lose a hangover?

Answer As much water as you can drink and go for a run.

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Best hangover cures?

take zantag tablets works a treat, or force your self to have a hot drink and two slices of toast before you go to bed, this will line your stomach and you will be okay in the morningregards x kitti x

What's the best hangover fix?

Drop two alkaseltzers into a glass of 7up, or sprite, or sierra mist, or any other brand of lemon lime soda. it'll fix you right up.

Best hangover remedy?

Drink a litre of water or as much as you can handle before you go to bed. Have a big greasy breakfast when you get up. Fried eggs toast, maybe some jam to get your sugar back. It usually makes me f... Read More »

The Best Cure For A Hangover Is...?

Water, sugar, cysteine, Motrin 600 mg, and B vitamins.The alcohol acted as a diuretic and caused you to become dehydrated. The kidneys and the liver both need plenty of water to allow for filtrati... Read More »