Best way to help clear sunburn?

Answer sunburn is a BURN, just like if you burned yourself with hot water.NOTHING will clear it but time. It needs to heal.Drinking lots of water won't have an effect on it at all. Ointments and salves w... Read More »

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Sunburn help!!?

Well the obvious Aloe Vera. Also before you put it on take a shower and right before your about to get out put it on as cold as you can stand it and let it sit on the burn for a few minutes. I kno... Read More »

I got a sunburn. Help?

Aloe vera helps the pain and the redness.

How to help sunburn?

I know you've heard plenty of people preach that ale vera works miracles! and to some degree It does...but I remember when I was in nursing school. I learned some really effective home remedies to ... Read More »

HOW can you help a sunburn!?

Cold aloe and cold compresses--you want to get the heat out. Take cool showers.