Best way to heal a spider bite?

Answer U may need antibiotics if the bug had bad bacteria ....use alcohol on it several times a day followed by the neosporin n If it doesn't dry and heal in the first couple of days get a second opinion.... Read More »

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How long does a spider bite usually take to heal?

A genuine spider bite will usually heal in less than 3 days, some I have had were gone the same day.What you describe though doesn't sound like a spider bite, they don't hurt to touch or pressure.T... Read More »

What is a natural way to heal a brown recluse spider bite?

Most brown recluse bites will heal nicely with just common first aid.Given your injury is very recent, I might suggest a trip to a clinic or dermatologist to have it examined.If there is a need for... Read More »

I have a spider bite what's the best thing to do?

If this hurts to touch or pressure,it isn't likely a spider bite. This would more likely be a skin abscess or other skin condition.The neosporin is the best for these, and heat helps them heal.A go... Read More »

I have a spot that looks like it is a spider bite. What is the best thing to put on it?

Before taking any actions you should first try to determine if it is in fact a spider bite as well as if the bite came from a venomous spider. The type of treatment used will depend on what type o... Read More »