Best way to get rid of zits besides poping them?

Answer Wash your face a lot, and don't touch your face that much... I use Clearasil acne cream and it works really well..

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Why do I have two big things poping out of my chest?

It's boobs! But if you mean you're a guy and this is happening you could have breast cancer. The first sign is bumps on your chest(but you'll be able to tell the difference if its boobs or cancer.)

Talus pone poping help meeeeeeeeeeee?

Rubbing your talus pone may help it........ :-) .....… why does this keep poping up?

Is it true that by "poping" pimples and blackheads you may end up with a permanent scar?

Rarely would scarring occur from the squeezing and popping of a whitehead or pimple. However, deep seated blackheads and cystic acne still below the surface may lead to major problems and need to ... Read More »