Best way to get a nosebleed?

Answer Get hiit on the nose very hard. Try using a door.

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I have a nosebleed!?

oh god, just give Cierra S the 10 points! PMSL I'm really going now, really crying laughing and have to blow my nose! lol

What is the best first aid for a nosebleed?

For basic, simple, no-problem nose bleeds at home, try this: Sit upright, with head higher than the heart, head slightly tilted forward, so you don't swallow the blood. pinch your nose -- hopefully... Read More »

How Can I Get A Nosebleed?

To get a nose bleed you can go to a high altitude or have some one punch you. And its perfectly healthy to suck your own blood, it will just go straight through your digestive tract and stop at th... Read More »

What's the best and quickest way to stop a nosebleed?

Pinch nose. Tip head foreword. You don't want to lean back because then you will be swallowing blood. This can upset your stomach causing vomiting which will make your nose bleed more. Also it can ... Read More »