Best way to gain Video views on youtube?

Answer Do something popular, recent, or attention worthy I made a lyric video that had sh*t quality but the song was popular at the time so it got a lot views and likes everything else I did wasn't watche... Read More »

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How can i gain more views on my Youtube?

Make uniqe and interesting content that people will want to watch and advertise your channel on social networking sites in a way that won't constitute spamming.

Do youtube views only count to youtube accounts or does it count to anyone that views the video?

1 count per IP address. YouTube counts sucks big time. There are sites in existence that allow you to spend money to get views. This is what makes the view count pathetic on YouTube. I do not e... Read More »

How to get more views on my YouTube video?

Try adding lots of tags to make finding your video a lot easier.

How would I get more views on my Youtube video?

The best way to get more views to make those videos viral. to make them viral you need to promote them across all your connections and portals. Find the every single portal that you are using and t... Read More »