Best way to cure chapped lips?

Answer You can use a lip-scrub: If you want to make your own, mix around one teaspoon of sugar ( brown is best) with one/two drops of olive oil. Massage this into your lips for a few minutes then wash of ... Read More »

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What is the best cure for chapped lips?

Sometimes your lips can get chapped if you are a little dehydrated. Try drinking several glasses of water over the next few hours.

How to Cure Chapped Lips?

Every winter the air gets cold and dry and lips suffer for it. Chapped lips not only look bad, they can be painful. A person can take some steps to prevent chapped lips from happening at all, and o... Read More »

How can i cure my daughters chapped and sore lips which she has all year round. Ive tried everything!?

There is an ointment in a green tin canister that is "utter balm." I believe you can buy it in the drug store. My mom swears by it and uses it for most everything, my sister used it for her childre... Read More »

Chapped lips?

I used to get real chapped lips. What I did was I mixed a teaspoon of Oilve Oil with a little sugar and I lightly rubbed it on my lips. After I was done I applied a little chapstick. The Oilve Oil... Read More »