Best way to clean a keyboard?

Answer Holding it upside down and shaking it is a simple, but pretty effective, way to get a lot of the crud out. You don't even have to remove the keys!There are such things, though, as brushes and low-... Read More »

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Have you ever took of keys on the keyboard to clean up keyboard ?

The easiest way to really thoroughly clean a keyboard, and this sounds strange, put it in the dishwasher. Seriously. Put it on the TOP rack, as it will melt on the bottom one. When it's done, yo... Read More »

S it possible to clean your keyboard?

Theres a can of cleaner you can buy at office stores or WalMart. It sprays out kinda cold hard air and it works great. Its called DUST OFF PROFESSIONALCompressed Gas DusterWORKS GREAT!

The best way to clean my keyboard?

Use a can of "air duster"… ...then wipe doen with damp cloth

What's the best way to clean a keyboard?

There are commercial kits available, but a can of compressed air, a lint-free cloth or wipes, mild dishwashing liquid, and a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush are all you really need for a basic cle... Read More »