Best way to clean a Scanner?

Answer Use a microfiber cloth and a really small amount of water.The microfiber cloth is lint-free and will not scratch glass or plastic. A little bit of water to help loosen any fingerprints, grease, et... Read More »

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How to Clean a Scanner to Prevent Dust Specks?

Dust naturally accumulates on a flatbed scanner's glass and can distort scanned images as well as scratch the glass surface if the glass is not routinely cleaned. Although dust will inevitably appe... Read More »

What is best usb scanner?

There are free ones and some that cost 70 dollars or more, How good they are has to do with when they were up dated... Hello,Here are some sites to shop at. Read More »

Best scanner to purchase?

Use a HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner able to scan up to 14". I use one for my magazine printshop and works flawlessly. You can also scan slides, negatives etc... It scans very quickly and ... Read More »

What's the best radar scanner?

wrong category, this is about computer scanners, not radar scanners.