Best way of getting revenge on somebody for winding you up?

Answer set him up, get all your mates and have a party, but say it's a fancy dress party, invite loads of mates, the ones that do know him, explain your plan and tell them to invite their mates and so on,... Read More »

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Instructions for Winding Old Clocks?

Antique clocks can help create an elegant environment. If the clock is a family heirloom then there is sentimental value to it as well. Disregarding aesthetics and sentiment, the clock will not be ... Read More »

Motor Winding Types?

An electric motor is a machine that is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It can also be used to do the reverse, i.e., convert mechanical energy into electrical energy (in wh... Read More »

How to Use the Singer Self-Winding Bobbin?

The Singer Company has made high quality sewing machines since 1851, and continue to offer a range of machines geared toward the home sewer. (See References 1) With a variety of options and price r... Read More »

How long should a cuckoo clock run after winding?

How long a cuckoo clock can run after winding depends on the clock. Some can run up to eight days before they need winding again, while many clocks have to be wound every day.Source:The World of Cu... Read More »