Best way of getting revenge on somebody for winding you up?

Answer set him up, get all your mates and have a party, but say it's a fancy dress party, invite loads of mates, the ones that do know him, explain your plan and tell them to invite their mates and so on,... Read More »

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How do you get revenge without getting in trouble?

Easy. It's called framing. All you have to do is frame the person you want to get revenge on for something small that will get them into trouble.

Whats your favourite movie about getting revenge?

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex Best Friend?

One day she is your best friend, the next your ex-best friend. Plus, she is always mean to you. Turn the tables, and read this article.

Do you know any good songs about moving on and getting over somebody?

Here are some songs you might like! :) Hope this helps!"Louder" by Charice…"Bounce Back" by Charice…"Since U Been... Read More »