Best vitamins to boost and regulate your metabolism?

Answer I take a vitamin B complex that helps your metabolism work more smoothly and effectively. You can get it at Wal Mart or Smiths. Also, do a lot of muscle workouts and up your protein intake. Muscle ... Read More »

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What can boost up your metabolism?

Some people can eat large quantities of food and not gain weight, while others eat very little but pack on the pounds. The reason for this is metabolism, which is the sum total of all the physical ... Read More »

What are some things you can eat to boost your metabolism?

which metabolism? I'm guessing weight loss is the goal? negative calorie foods burn more calories to digest than they contain. also eating more frequently, like 6 small meals a day will keep your m... Read More »

What are wasy to boost your metabolism, besides exercise?

There's a bunch of different foods that boost your metabolism, just look up 'foods that boost your metabolism'Also, drinking green tea helps too!

The Best Ways to Raise Your Metabolism?

Metabolism refers to the process of breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy. Your body burns calories through basic bodily functions such as breathing, blood circulation and dige... Read More »