Best thing to mix with Grey Goose?

Answer cranberry juice, on the rocks with a lime!

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Grey Goose Overpriced any thing cheaper the same quality?

Ketel One is considered a premium vodka, and sells for less money than Grey Goose, or at least it does where I buy it.

What can I use as a cap for a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka?

Yep.Plastic wrap and a rubber band will do it.If you can't find the cap most housewares stores sell bottle stoppers for a buck or two.Also.Take the bottle off the window sill.You should take it off... Read More »

Calories in grey goose and soda?

grey goose has 69 cal/ounce and soda h20 has 0 cal there 4 69-104 cal/ drink

How much are the mini Grey Goose vodka bottles?

Mini bottles of Grey Goose vodka, which are 50 ml each, normally cost around $4.99. Find bottles at this price at liquor stores such as Wally's Wine and Spirits, the Beverage Warehouse and Short Hi... Read More »