Best thing for impetigo?

Answer CausesImpetigo occurs more often in the summer and affects children more often than adults. Touching or picking the sores can spread the bacteria to other parts of the body or to other people.Sympt... Read More »

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Should i go to work if i have impetigo?

Call your doctor and ask him, you might be still contagious, so you should stay away so nobody might get infected..

Can impetigo be prevented?

Prevention of impetigo involves good hygiene. In order to avoid spreading the infection from one person to another, those with impetigo should be isolated until all sores are healed

Can you have impetigo in your mouth?

I work in a pharmacy and today i had a young girl come in with impetigo on her lips and in her mouth! The mother said her sister had it in her throat as well! So as far as I know it is possible to ... Read More »

Is there a vaccine for impetigo?

there is no vaccine however there is a cure and you can do it yourself....all you have to do in a day is wash yourself over with soap and this every ten minutes .... after a few months ... Read More »