Best songs for ipods?

Answer Put whatever songs you like.Songs are the same, no matter what you listen to them on.

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How many songs can iPods hold?

The number of songs an iPod can hold varies based on several factors including song length, file quality and storage capacity of the iPod. The range--for models available as of April 2010--is 500 s... Read More »

Can you delete and replace songs on iPods and MP3 players?

Answer On most MP3 players, including iPods, you can delete and replace songs when you have it connected to a computer. Most MP3 players won't let you delete songs without connecting to a computer... Read More »

Do you tease your friends for having cheesy pop songs on their iPods?

Yeah, a co-worker of mine was listening to the Backstreet Boys. I teased her relentlessly about it. This was last year. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were in the peak of their popularity.

I have gone through 4 ipods in the last year, how can i stop this habit of losing/breaking/stealing my ipods?

super glue the earphones to your head :) or you could make sure you KNOW not think but KNOW where it is at all times. or have a special spot you put it everytime at home. and don't bring it to scho... Read More »