Best smelling cologne?

Answer first let me say why would ask a girl that . thats like a girl asking you what tampon she should use and not to sound mean but you need to hear this . first off never have just one bottle of smell... Read More »

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What's the best smelling body spray or cologne for a guy?

chrome by azzaromove by adidasmost people like it their not too strongand their not expensive

Smelling from one arm pit?

I would imagine your hormones are going wild and this would be a major contributor to the 'new' BO. I think it is normal to perspire/sweat in one arm more than another and I wouldn't worry too muc... Read More »

What are some bad-smelling flowers?

There are many bad smelling flowers in the world. Some flowers don't smell at all.Here is a list of some bad smelling flowers:The orchids Bulbophyllum and PterostylisFlowers of carob trees (Ceraton... Read More »

How to Keep Your Car Smelling Good?

Ever get one of those nasty smells in your car and you can't ever seen to get rid of it? Here are a few tips for keeping your car smelling good and clean!