Best remedy for a back pain?

Answer I had really bad episodes of back pain and started swimming in a heated pool using swim fins, gradually at first ,every day and increasing the number of laps.This really helps to build up your stom... Read More »

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Best remedy for sinus pressure/pain?

Get some sterile saline solution from the drug store to flush out your sinuses. Don't use chemical sinus sprays, they create a rebound effect after a while and your sinus membranes become swollen. ... Read More »

Pain in my back.... (10 points to best answer)?

I've been a chiropractor for 13 years, and have treated many young athletes for sports injuries.But did your Doctor rule out a kidney infection or something like that - did they take a blood test? ... Read More »

What type of bed is best for back pain?

On One Hand: Firm Mattresses Have Been Traditionally EndorsedDoctor and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Alan Hilibrand, MD, recommends a firmer mattress, which can offer... Read More »

The best lower back pain medicine?

Hi Crystal. I suffer from lower back pain often and I have found that the Icy Hot pain patches work wonders at night. Just put one on right before you crawl into bed. I also use some of the new ... Read More »