Best recipe for restaurant style tortilla chips?

Answer Homemade Corn Tortilla ChipsIngredients8 corn tortillas ( assuming they're the small ones that have about a 6-inch diameter)1/4 cup olive oil ( Corn oil works great, so does canola oil. This is an ... Read More »

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How many restaurant tortilla chips are in 1 oz?

Although the number of chips in a 1-oz. serving of restaurant tortilla chips will vary based on the actual size of the chips, you can expect to find between 10 and 14 chips in a serving.References:... Read More »

Who invented tortilla chips?

Rebecca Webb Carranza is credited as being the inventor of the tortilla chip. In the late 1940s, she made triangular tortillas and fried them for family at a gathering. They loved it, and in 1947 b... Read More »

What are tortilla chips made of?

Tortilla chips are deep-fried Mexican tortillas made from corn. Some variations are made from white flour. Tortilla chips increased in popularity during the 1970s and became the official snack of T... Read More »

How to Crisp Tortilla Chips?

One problem with large bags of tortilla chips is that it can be hard to seal the bag properly and prevent the chips from going stale. Most people do not like to eat stale tortilla chips, and so the... Read More »