Best reasonably priced eyeliner brand for winged eyeliner that doesn't smudge?

Answer liquid liner or gel liner is best for winged liner. it all depends on your preference. i prefer liquid. i have changed my brand several times.the first one i use was almay, the tip is really easy t... Read More »

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Can you recommend a brand of eyeliner that won't smudge?

How to Apply Eyeliner So That it Doesn't Smudge?

Eyeliner is an effective and simple way to enhance a makeup look. Precisely lined eyes that bear no trace of smudging exude a sense of sophistication and skill. Applying eyeliner that won't smudge ... Read More »

Whats a good eyeliner that wont smudge?

look online to see some interesting eyeliners :)

How to do winged eyeliner?…watch this, she used to have a better one like two years ago when I was learning how to but I couldnt find it. :/