Best programming language for beginners?

Answer Python, hands-down.

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Which is the best programming language for a beginner -no previous programming experience?

This truly depends on what you plan on doing with the language once you learn it or are learning it. All true programming langauges will help you with the basic fundamentals of programmig, learning... Read More »

Best programming language?

HiThe best thing to do first, in my opinion, is to decide what it is that you expect from the programming language and what you want to achieve by learning it. You will find that every programmer h... Read More »

What is the best programming language now?

There isn't a best programming language for all tasks. The smart thing is to play off of certain languages' strengths to make implementing certain things as easy as possible. Where I work, common l... Read More »

What's the best programming language?

It depends on what you want to do, but C++ is probably most powerful and versatile:…