Best pro video camera?

Answer AVCHD is not an option if you intend for broadcast and cable. That leaves HDV, P2 and digitalBetaCam. Of that group only HDV would be economical. The cheapest camera that meets broadcast specificat... Read More »

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Need help to chose a video camera to make a video for a contest for best video?

I'd say not. What kind of contest? Do they expect the video to be edited? Do they expect you to know what you're doing with a video camera? Have you ever used a video camera? Have you ever edi... Read More »

What is the best video camera that you can edit the video and take pics ?

one that tapes to mini DV. not dvd... it is easy to get the footage of the mini dv with the right software. to take pictures, you will need to find one that saves the image to a memory card and not... Read More »

Best video camera for filmmaking (Starter Camera)?

Any camcorder can capture useful video if the camcorder is used within its design parameters. The problem is that the camcorder manufacturers make it seem like their equipment works great under all... Read More »


Hi Katie, you can get a new Panasonic LX7 for AUS$346 from…This camera shoots crystal clear tourist videos like this: Read More »