Best plastic surgeaon in LA arearhinoplasty?

Answer The best way to find a good surgeon is through personal referrals and speaking to your doctors. Here are some popular rhinoplasty surgeons.Dr. Simoni…Dr.... Read More »

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What is the best paint for plastic?

On One Hand: Use Plastic PaintFind a paint made to cover plastic surfaces. Manufacturers create paint for plastic to adhere to the slick surface. Major manufacturers make plastic paint in both brus... Read More »

The Best Florida Plastic Surgeons?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a very popular business in Florida. The advertisements and surgical clinics around the state continue to grow. Because of this, the number of clinics and cosmetic surgeo... Read More »

Best way to repair scratches/carvings on plastic?

if its bakerlight plastic then fill with epoxy and sand smooth .If its polyproplean or PVC ,, then live with it

What is best plastic or metal baths?

PLASTIC FOREVER! I find that plastic baths are much more duarable and entertaining than metal baths, which are often clinical and unwelcoming. In fact if there were baths at a dentist's they were ... Read More »