Best plasma tv in the world?

Answer The Pioneer Kuro Plasma's followed by The Viera Panasonic Plasma's. athough now the best is Panasonic as Pioneer no long makes Plasmas.

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What is the best LCD or plasma TV And why is one or the other best?

In short, which ever has the picture that you like best that fits your budget.Plasma TV burning and phosphor life is about equivalent to CRT televisions (or better) these days. Expected useful lif... Read More »

What tv is best to buy led,lcd or plasma & why its best ?

Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of each technology. This is better than someone giving you there own opinion. They have been evaluating tv... Read More »

Best TV LCD PLASMA for X-box 360?

gaming+plasma=big no no. You should def go for an LCD. I would suggest Toshiba's 42HL167 or their 47HL167. The 47 inch one is about the same price as the one you listed above at this web sitehttp:... Read More »

Whats best Plasma or LCD.?

They both have their ups and downs but being an owner of a Plasma I would tell you to go with LCD. Plasma tvs get really, really hot. It heats up my apartment quite a bit.But I heard LCDs aren't'... Read More »