Best places for boba drinks in LA?

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Why aren't there as many good cheap places to get boba tea in the US like ther is in asia?

For the same reason you can't easily get root beer in Asia like you can in the US. Boba tea is a local favorite there. Root beer is popular here -- with the locals, anyway. You can find root bee... Read More »

Is boba from boba tea (bubble tea) good for you?

I like bubble tea myself and decided to take a look after reading your question. From what I've found the anwser is a big NO. The boba itself is nothing but balls of black tapioca. I found an ebay ... Read More »

Where are the best places to go in New Orleans, specifically for food and drinks?

Mandina's on Canal is my absolutely favorite! While you're over there, go to Angelo Brocato's for a canoli. My other favorite is Napolean House in the Quarter. Their muffaletas are the best ever!

Poll: jamba juice vs starbucks And whats your favorite drinks from both places^.^?

In my opinion, I like Starbucks better (: But i still get jamba juice more often than starbucksI get the Frappucino's from StarbucksAnd I get the Mango-A-Go-Go from Jamba Juice with the daily boost!