Best place to buy design software?

Answer Since Yahoo Answers apparently doesn't want to let us have links anymore, I'll just tell you to head over to Google and find these (revenge is sweet, isn't it?)...NVU(visual HTML editor)The Gimp (P... Read More »

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What is web design software?

Web pages are created with HTML and other programming languages such as Flash and Javascript. Originally, all websites had to be hand-coded using a text editor like Notepad. Web design software all... Read More »

How to Do a Design Document for Software?

Software design documents come in many varieties, but almost all share the common goal of describing software functions, data or interfaces. Design documents range from high-level architectural do... Read More »

Software for Architectural Design?

In an architectural office, there are quite a number of software solutions that firms may use in the creation of their drawings, renderings and 3D models. However, there is a distinct presence of A... Read More »

Web Design Software Requirements?

The art of designing a website can be as simplistic or as complex as the designer makes it. This begins and ends with the tools that are chosen with which the masterpiece is to be crafted and perfe... Read More »