Best place online to buy computer parts?

Answer At New Egg , also get promos for them at… to save some money

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Where to get computer parts Not online.?

You can get everything at Fry's Electronics.

What's a reliable online source for obtaining computer parts?

Um, I just take my fake, robot boyfriend apart when I need parts for my computer. I've been needing an upgrade on him anyway. His um, vibrating thingymajigger was starting to slow down anyway.

Best minimum parts for gaming computer?

motherboard 970 asrock am3+processor phenom 965 am3cpu cooler a30…1333 ddr3 ram 4gb ( do not buy ones with talk heat sinks by ones with small heat sinks)5... Read More »

Best place to watch defiance online?

It's available at Hulu -,p0,d…