Best photo softwear?

Answer The best photo software?Best how? Do you want to know the most fully featured, or the easiest to use? Or perhaps the best selling.This is a very difficult question to answer the way that you have i... Read More »

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What is the best Anti-Virus softwear to have?

Spy sweeper stops anything being installed onto your comp, so it blocks all the viruses too. I'd run it for 3 years on it's own before I finally bought AVG...guess what: nothing there for the AVG t... Read More »

Where can I find softwear that allows me to download from youtube?

Download Mozilla Firefox if you do not already have it: install this plug-in called "Download Helper":…FLV Player:... Read More »

What settings should I use to print good quality photo on a photo paper with least ink usage?…

What is the dpi of a photograph developed by a drugstore Does it depend on the dpi of the original photo taken by my digital camera How I can I ensure a photo is 300dpi?

Found on the web...Shoot on high-resolution settings If you don't want to think or learn about pixels and how they relate to resolution, then the simple rule of thumb is to always shoot pictures on... Read More »