Best natural remedy for the following?

Answer In addition to the excellent answer by my friend Minx above, The homeopathic remedy prescribed exactly according to your individual symptoms will cure all of the disorders you have given above and... Read More »

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Whats the best natural remedy for insomnia?

The best natural remedy for insomnia I've found is Dr. Dave's Sleep Wizard (just plug those terms into a search engine to find it). Basically, it's a mixture of melatonin, GABA and some other stuf... Read More »

What's the best natural remedy for a sore throat?

Best thing that works for me....Slice of lemon, spoonful of honey, stick of ginger in a cup of tea.

What's the best natural remedy for chapped lips?

The best thing I have ever used on my chapped lips is Neauties. I've been using it for years and never get chapped lips, they stay super soft. It is an all natural lip gloss/lip balm. It's the b... Read More »

What is the best natural remedy to calm a child at night?

Good question.There are a number of them. But first try to avoid anything that tends to excite the child after 5 PM, such as cartoons with lots of movement and color changes, computer games, any so... Read More »