Best moniter for $100-300?

Answer that is actually a reasonable amount of money for a monitor - look here for some good ones…

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Which is better moniter?

I'm using a 19" Hanns-G. Had it for a year now and am completely satisfied with it.Sounds like you need to do a little research and understand monitors a little more. It will help you in the buyi... Read More »

Which one is the best CRT moniter or LCD moniter?

Depends on what you want it for.If you game alot, and you are leaning towards an LCD, make sure you get one with a very low response time. (You don't want things lagging)CRT's take up more room & g... Read More »

Where can i buy a moniter for my computer?

You can get one new from Dell - they make good monitors. LCDs start around $200 for a 17" and go up from there. CRTs are moderately cheaper.

My moniter is not working tell me wat to do?

can you read this?is it on ?is it plug in? is software video cart supported?is there any fuse? what are the symptoms?