Best internet site you have found 4 ever?

Answer Hi Jill I think honestly Google I can get ANYTHING from there Next is Barnes & Noble Books Google really has it all thou . Even Google Earth which is fascinating . D :)

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I really wanna buy cheap Uggs or discounted ones. I found this site, Is it a legit site?

I ordered a pair of Uggs from a sight like that. Don't do it....Mine were about 3 months late and they were obviously fake...They were horrible...The sole of the show fell out after a week of going... Read More »

When I start my Internet Explorer, it directly goes to www.nsl-org like site.Whereas I want Yahoo site soon.?

In IE on the menu up top, click Tools > Internet Options. When this opens up, on the "General" Tab, in the top section, change this URL to whatever you'd like. Make sure you click "Apply" for the n... Read More »

Site not found error?

Dear Sara,I tried the link, but couldn't acces it neither. There is no error, it only says 'could not be found'.Was it some online quest/game or something like that. Than they might be done and thi... Read More »

I just found my boss' wife on an online porn site, should I pay the $20 or just tell him?

Did you make up that question? If you're serious, don't say anything to him. He'll wonder why you're there, in the first place. And he may already know about it but is embarrassed. It's never a goo... Read More »